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Street date August 19, 2014



EVENING is a top seller!

It's recorded with
The Bluetones- Mudcat Ward,
Neil Gouvin, Anthony Geraci
and Mike Welch.

“We approached this one like Hank Williams made records,” Ray said about the sessions. “I went in with my lyrics, just rough sketches of the songs and the great musicians in the Bluetones, who always play something exciting. This album’s mostly original and in the Chicago Blues vein. Last time, I used a full horn section, so My Life, My Friends, My Music was more jump Blues-oriented. For this one, I wanted to keep things spare and gritty.”

"Sugar Ray's voice combines
the roadhouse grit of
Muddy Waters with a
lonesome desperation
all his own.
Sugar Ray gets so down and out that he makes your skin crawl.
He has an ability to convey pain
as few bluesmen
of his generation can."

Steve Morse
(The Boston Globe)

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The award winning blues band
Sugar Ray & The Bluetones have been entertaining
audiences all over the world since 1978

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Sugar Ray recently won TWO
2014 Blues Music Awards
for his work on the CD
“Remembering Little Walter”

“Album of the Year” and
Traditional Blues Album of the Year




Dear Sugar Ray,

On behalf of Music Resource Group, The IMAs,
and our distinguished judging panelists,
it is our pleasure to congratulate Sugar Ray & the Bluetones
on being nominated in the Blues Album Category
in The 11th Independent Music Awards.

New Sugar Ray and the Bluetones
EVENING CD Review Quotes:

“With absolutely wonderful material,a band on fire,
and one of the best singers and harmonica players around,
there’s not a weak or uninspired moment to be found here.
EVENING is a virtual object lesson in how to get it right,
delivered by a master at the top of his game.
The blues simply don’t get much better than this. Don’t miss it!”
John Taylor, Blinded By Sound

Evening borders on being a primer on old,old,old school blues.
It’s spare but melodic, gritty but tuneful, familiar but fresh,
especially with the vocal delivery and lyrics.”
Dr. Wesley Britton,
“I just can’t stop listening to Evening.
Get it when you can—you won’t regret it.”
Bill Mitchell, Blues Bytes

“This is a red—hot cracker—jack band and all the tunes have the main ingredients for a hit record: growling guitar, romping piano, a powerful rhythm section and the harp and voice of a legend.”
A.J.Wachel, Boston Blues Society

“I think this is Sugar Ray and the Bluetones strongest album yet
and is easily one of my favorites of the year.
Sugar Ray is a paragon of the blues.
EVENING is a killer no filler and I give it my very highest recommendation as one of my favorite CD’s of 2011.”
Malcolm Kennedy, Washington Blues Society

“Evening certainly accomplishes what it set out to accomplish,
by bringing us 12 tracks of intensely good music,from a band
and a band leader that you would be hard pressed to find a better bunch of artist. Evening gets my highest rating of 5*****,
with enthusiasm. Highly recommended
and thoroughly enjoyed.”
John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network


"I have seen these guys countless
times, spoken with them, reviewed Sugar Ray on, etc.
and have all of their CDs. As a group
and individually- Mike Welch's last two are awesome -
and Matt McCabe has two excellent ones as well.
Even John Chan (Chan's Fine Dining, Woonsocket, RI)
will tell you that Sugar Ray is incredibly underrated.
I have seen just about everyone in the Blues - there are many as good
no doubt, few much better, particularly now that Mike is the regular
guitarist. The last time I spoke with Sugar Ray and Mike I commented
about how they seem to know each others' moves, notes, etc.
Mike knows how to follow Ray - it is uncanny to watch.
And Ray said exactly that, and Mike concurred.
They are a joy and we are privileged to get to see them so frequently
here in the Northeast...I never miss them." - Raymond Cooney-fan

""Sugar Ray has great tone and great phrasing,
singing and playing the harp. One of my favorites!"

Charlie Musselwhite

""Sugar Ray is the real deal. There is nobody better to represent this music."
Kim Wilson - The Fabulous Thunderbirds

"His approach to the harp is straight from the heart of Chicago Blues
but he's not just recycling Little Walter licks.
Ray is clever and innovative and
he knows how to be flashy without overdoing it."

David B. Watts- The Daily Hampshire Gazzett


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